Beekeeping, viticulture and culinary sensitivity: The 3 pillars of our know-how

Our patent is based on an original approach, allowing to propose unique flavors while preserving the original virtues of the honey.

The synergy of our know-how, combining the apiculture and viticulture trades, with our culinary sensitivity allowed us to obtain new flavors without heating honey.

No additives, preservatives or alcohol

The gourmet honeys thus obtained are without alcohol, additives or added sugars, in order to guarantee you a quality and an authentic pleasure.

Prepared by us from the honey of our hives and natural ingredients from French productions, these unique products will be an amazing sensory and emotional experience.

We concentrate the aromas of wines, fruits and plants in honey, using an innovative process to preserve the flavor of each ingredient and preserve the quality of our products.

Our products are consumable by everyone, small and large, for the pleasure of tasting, cooking or offering.

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