Honey & Wines

Association of flavors of honey and wines, enjoyed without moderation!

A true source of well-being, our gourmet honeys will be ideal in your hot drinks, infusions, teas or milks, for an invitation to relax. The originality of the flavors will surprise you and invite you to share these powerful and delicate aromas in a spirit of conviviality. Our honeys will accompany you in your culinary preparations and your cheese platters. They will exalt the flavors of the honey and will enhanced your dishes and your recipes with a note "French Touch".

  • Honey, Red Wine & Lavender
  • Honey, White Wine & Verbena
  • Honey, White Wine, Lemon & Thyme
  • Honey, Muscat & Saffron
  • Honey, Red Wine & Espelette Pepper
  • Honey, Cognac & Plum
  • Honey, White Wine & Raspberry
  • Honey, White Wine & Lemon
  • Honey, Rosé Wine & Grape
  • Honey, Red Wine, Orange & Cinnamon
  • Honey & Cognac
  • Honey & Red Wine
  • Honey & White Wine
  • Honey & Muscat

Gourmet honeys from the Honey & Wine collection are available in jars of 40g, 60g, 150g and 260g.

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