Our resources are at the origin of our concept: we wanted to create an original product, representing the synthesis of our values & our roots.

"The south of France offers by its climate and its environment the ideal conditions for beekeeping and viticulture. Our family, which has lived in this region for over a century, has been able to transmit the taste of their crafts and their know-how.

Meeting between rounded hills of the hillsides of Lauragais and vineyards strewed with olive trees in the plains of Minervois, we invite you in an experience of sensory and emotional pleasure, without compromise with the quality of natural products

Olivier, my husband, grandson of a winegrower and owner of vines, and myself, a beekeeper and a farmer's daughter, combine these ancestral know-how with the virtues of bee and wine products to bring you flavors and well-being. "

Muriel Guillaumon, President and founder of the eponymous brand

1882: "A family story"

Acquisition de la première vigne à La Livinière, dans le Minervois, par Louis GUILLAUMON

1946: "The value of wine"

Creation of the wine brokerage business. The analysis of the quality of the wines was a specialty developed by Roger GUILLAUMON already integrating the qualitative element of wine.

1948: "As long as there are bees, there will be life"

This was the phrase Joseph Gers, the founder of the family farm, liked to say to family members and his circle of friends.

2012: "A sustainable beekeeping activity"

Muriel GUILLAUMON-GERS creates the "Rucher de Léon": located in the middle of wood in the heart of the Lauragais, the bees fashioned with serenity the honey and the royal jelly.

2014: "Our Spirit of Honey"

Muriel GUILLAUMON-GERS creates the company "Muriel GUILLAUMON" which develops a concept / process, original and innovative, consisting of preparing gourmet honeys.

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