Flavors Collection

French Gourmet Honey

Our collection of Gourmets Honeys offers to the consumers a surprising gustative experience, only or by associating them with cheeses, breads, vegetables, meats. Thanks to the unique flavors of our honeys gourmets, result of the combination with the red wine, the lavender, the Espelette chili, the raspberry, the lemon of Chin … we reconcile the amateurs and no amateurs of honey, around gourmet flavors.

Creative Gourmet Honeys

All these original works are without alcohol, added sugar, presrevative and dies. This flavors collection comes in 4 types of associations:

Gourmet pleasure and pleasure to offer

Our honeys gourmets are intended:

  • To the amateurs of breakfasts or greedy and energizing snacks
  • To the followers of relaxing break
  • To the sportsmen who wish to accompany their performance with a touch of greed
  • To the Epicureans who use the honey to develop delicious recipes
  • To those who love festive moments 
  • To those who wish to offer a rare and original product
  • To those who wish to discover a sensational product and to let their creativity take them towards new flavors

Honey & Cooking

We propose recipe ideas, in the "On the front-page" section, so that you can develop your creations with our Gourmet Honeys. You can also discover our Miels Gourmets during your stay in the Toulouse area around our Honey bar.

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